Take the Bus and Bring a Friend to DC for the Congressional Reception

Exciting updates for the 2017 Congressional Reception on July 26, 2017

Please join us for the 2017 Congressional Reception on Wednesday July 26. We have a few updates that will hopefully get you even more excited to tell Congress “No Housing Cuts.”

First, if you have not signed up with the link on our website please do so now. We know that your attendance will make the event a success. In addition:

  • The transportation via bus down to DC is free,
  • There will be a free box lunch at the Reception and
  • Water and snacks will be provided on the bus.

Register for the Congressional Reception

A second exciting update is that we are happy to announce the bus stops and locations for the 2017 Congressional Reception. Please note: to take the bus you need to register and indicate the location that you prefer.

The bus stops are as follows:

Times and exact locations to come but please be prepared for an early morning and a full day!

What we can tell you is all the locations are close to the major roadways in New Jersey. All of the locations will have parking during the day.

Please register if you have not done so already. Space is limited!

Register for the Congressional Reception

Bring a friend!! The event last year was so successful because the support of people like you for attending. As so today we have over 240 people going to the reception.

The theme for this year’s Congressional Reception is “No Cuts to Housing.”

Cuts are hurting our communities that serve low-income families, the homeless and those with special needs. And we need you to join us in Washington and to encourage Senators Menendez and Booker and your Representatives to join us.

If you have registered for the Congressional Reception please email your elected officials who have not yet told us they are coming. Contact information for each member can be found on the sidebar of this post or by clicking here. Please email or call their office or tag them in a social media post, encouraging them to come.

For more information on Social Media Tools for July 26 Congressional Reception read this post.

President Trump’s proposed budget would devastate funding to the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Medicaid. We need to use our voices to protect the funding for federal programs that are working to end homelessness in New Jersey and ensure that homelessness across the state does not increase. Preventing homelessness is an economic issue for all of us. For more details read our recent post on the impact of the cuts – NJ’s Economy Will Lose Under Proposed Cuts to HUD, SNAP and Medicaid by President Trump.

Register for the Congressional Reception

Bus Stops for 2017

Congressional Contact Information

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