Frequently Asked Questions About the Congressional Reception

All of Your Congressional Reception Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The 2017 Congressional Reception on July 26 is right around the corner and we have a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We are really excited about the progress we have made towards making this event an even bigger success than last year’s event. There is still a lot of work to get done.

We have many other posts on the blog and Facebook and Twitter pages and we encourage you to check out those posts for a basic run down on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Congressional ReceptionWe had received a lot of the same questions many times and due to that we made a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the event.

First of all: this is a totally free event. The 2017 Congressional Reception is an event that will allow the people of New Jersey tell the New Jersey Congressional Delegation to protect the budget for housing benefits that many of New Jersey’s residents rely on.

One of the other questions that is highlighted in the list is what the day will be like. The full list of the FAQ can be found here.

In summary, it is a very long day.

  • We leave New Jersey around 6:30am and return around 9pm.
  • Water and snacks will be provided on the busses and
  • A boxed lunch will be provided at the venue.

We are only three weeks away from the Congressional Reception. Register today.

Congressional Reception

Register for the Congressional Reception

Additionally, when you register for the event there were questions about which bus would be the most convenient for you and if you need any accommodations. We are hopeful that we will be able to get golf carts to transport those who cannot walk in the heat from the bus drop to the Dirksen Senate Auditorium.

The theme of the event is “No Housing Cuts.” Last year we saw 350 New Jersey residents attend, tell their stories and share in a community of passionate people. This year we still have some space left for you or a friend to join us. For more information read our prior post – Take the Bus and Bring a Friend to DC for the Congressional Reception.

Register for the Congressional Reception

Frequently Asked Questions

Bus Stops for 2017

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