NJCounts: Fewer Families with Children Counted as Homeless in 2017

NJCounts Finds Increasing Number of Homeless Persons Which is a Moral Failure

The release of the NJCounts 2017 has continued to garner press coverage from across New Jersey.

The Burlington County Times reported “Burlington County homeless population count drops to five-year low.”

On June 28, 2017, The Jersey Journal reported “Fewer families with children counted as homeless in 2017.”

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, who had not yet reviewed the report Tuesday morning, said the county has been working with local municipalities to provide assistance and resources to homeless residents, particularly veterans. If there were an easy solution to end homelessness, he said, it would have done a long time ago’.”

“But as an immigrant community, we’re going to always have some kind of a problem with folks living under the bridges and hard to get places,” DeGise said. “This is their home right now and we’re doing everything that we can to try to deal with the problem because it isn’t good for the neighborhoods nor is it good for the people who are living under the bridges, so we’re doing the best that we can with it.”

The Courier Post reported “Annual count finds fewer homeless people in South Jersey.”

“Robin Weinstein, co-founder of the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition, noted the survey also found the number of homeless people counted in his county’s emergency shelters jumped by 67 percent over the previous year. He attributed the increase to outreach efforts undertaken by the coalition, along with other community and government services.

Even so, he added, the report demonstrates “a real crisis for Cumberland County.”

“The increasing numbers of homeless individuals in our area is not only a moral failure, but has fiscal implications to our public institutions such as our jails and hospitals,” Weinstein said in a statement. “A chronically homeless individual can cost taxpayers between $30,000 to $40,000 per year to remain un-sheltered.”

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Burlington County Times

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Courier Post

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