Budget Cuts Threaten NJ’s Safety Net

Proposed Federal Budget Cuts Could Undermine Safety Net and Housing Funds

One of the new terms that has reentered the political discourse in 2017 is “Robin hood in Reverse” with budget cuts and tax cuts being proposed. This is the way that tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest are paid for by cutting social programs for poorest people.

This is part of a larger political plan to pass the budget and other major legislation without negotiations from Democrats. This was reported in the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ (CBPP) July 26, publication about the need to pass a budget.

This is able to happen in theory because the GOP has a majority in both houses of Congress and they also have control of the White House. The budget that we could see out of D.C. would cut social programs that are already at historically low levels.

The budget that is expected to be voted on will go into effect for Fiscal Year 2018. To sum up what we think we will see out of this Congress is a bill that very harshly cuts social programs, which are all a part of discretionary spending. This is closely coupled with a $621.5 billion increase in the defense spending cap.

The frame work of these cuts is the long-standing idea that there is a need for “Welfare Reform”. Another publication from the CBPP on June 26 make the statement that “Welfare Reform” is not taking away the funding and tools that the neediest people in our nation need.

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Cuts in the federal budget cause serious issues for the people who need the funding to help provide a stable life for them. Housing is a basic right and sets the foundation for everything that we do in society. If you believe that housing is a right, please join us on July 26, 2017 Congressional Reception to tell Congress “No Housing Cuts.

This is a totally free event but will have a major impact on the policy makers in DC.

Space is limited, so use the link to register today.

Register for the July 26th Congressional Reception

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