On August 25th Urge Congress to Fully Fund Affordable Housing Programs in FY18

We Have an Affordable Housing Crisis, Do Not Put Vital Investments at Risk

On Friday, August 25, 2017, please join the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and Monarch Housing for a Twitter storm from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. to urge Congress to fully fund affordable housing programs.

Your participation in the twitter storm will help tell Congress to pass a #cleanbudget for FY18 and to protect affordable housing investments.

The hashtags are: #cleanbudget and #cutshurt.

The NLIHC and the Clean Budget Coalition Twitter storm will urge Congress to fully fund affordable housing and community development programs in fiscal year 2018. It will also urge Congress to reject harmful policy riders that undermine federal fair housing laws.

Some sample Tweets include:

  • Without a #cleanbudget that lifts the spending caps, Congress would put vital investments in #affordablehousing at risk. #CutsHurt
  • We have an #affordablehousing crisis. This is not the time to put vital investments at risk. Pass a #cleanbudget. #CutsHurt
  • America is stronger when families have #affordablehousing. Tell Congress to pass a #cleanbudget and increase vital investments. #CutsHurt
  • #Cutshurt low income seniors, ppl w/ disabilities, kids, and more. We need a #CleanBudget that invests in #affordablehousing.
  • America is stronger when we have affordable homes & stable communities. Pass a #CleanBudget that fully funds these investments. #CutsHurt
  • Families thrive bc of housing & community development investments at HUD and USDA. Congress must pass a #CleanBudget. #CutsHurt
  • With an affordable home, families can climb the economic ladder and kids do better in school. Invest in kids w/ a #CleanBudget. #CutsHurt
  • Affordable homes are linked to better health. A #CleanBudget with #affordablehousing investments will make our communities healthier.
  • HUD investments led to 500K jobs in 2015, on top of providing homes to 5M families. Pass a #CleanBudget #CutsHurt http://bit.ly/2ljnEed

As background, when Congress returns to Washington in September, the House will vote on a spending bill that significantly cuts funding for critical affordable housing programs. The bill would eliminate more than 140,000 housing vouchers and reduce flexible resources used by states and localities to build and preserve affordable housing and address community needs.

Unless Congress lifts the low spending caps equally for defense and domestic programs, affordable housing and community development investments will remain at risk. For more details, see NLIHC’s updated budget chart and analysis of the House and Senate bills.

It is also critical that Congress reject harmful policy riders that could be added to the spending bill that would undermine federal fair housing laws.

By participating in the August 25 Twitter storm, you can urge Congress to lift the low spending caps that threaten critical investments and reject harmful policy riders.

NLIHC Budget Chart

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