Trump Administration Weighing Executive Order on Welfare

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  1. I was divorced. I was downsized from my job. I was evicted and lived with my 3 kids in a friend’s basement for 6 years. I had food stamps but didnt qualify for TANF. I went to college full time and worked 3 part time jobs. My food stamps reduced each year until it was deemed I made too much with my 2 part time jobs to qualify for food stamp or Medicaid. i found a full-time job in NYC. i now have commuting coats. My son no longer receives free or even reduced price lunch. I worked with families in need in NJ and now with homeless families in NYC. The majority work multiple jobs. The majority simply wants to take care of their children. As do i. It gets more difficult every day. Those in government need to speak with its constituents. There is no simple answer but unless they start asking the right questions and stop making uninformed assumptions , nothing will change.