Is Carson Changing HUD From a Bureaucracy to an Efficient Organization?

Ben Carson at HUD Says He is Creating Strong, Sustainable, Inclusive Communities and Quality Affordable Homes for All

In a September 20, 2017, Op-Ed piece published in The Hill, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson explains “We’re Changing HUD From a Bureaucracy to an Efficient Organization.”

In his piece, Carson reminds readers that HUD’s mission is to “create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.”

Carson announces a plan for “institutional reform and improvement” for Americans who benefit from HUD’s programs, American taxpayers and HUD employees.

He summarizes his plan with what he calls “the three Rs:”

  • Reimagine the way HUD works – this is targeted in part at “eliminating improper payments and waste, fraud and abuse.” Writes Carson “In some instances, this means combining redundant grant programs and streamlining the ways that we help HUD beneficiaries – less bureaucracy and more quality control translates to better services. We will also accomplish this goal by following the president’s executive order to remove burdensome regulations from those who employ Americans and build, rent and sell their houses.”
  • Restore the American dream – Writes Carson “The best bulwark against poverty is a strong economy with plentiful jobs and abundant affordable housing.” He writes of a renewed commitment to first-time buyer home-ownership. Regarding rental assistance, “We are also taking a hard look at the way we provide rental assistance: it needs to be sustainable, reliable and provide incentives for work and stable family formation.”
  • Rethink American communities – Writes Carson “Our final goal – one that should be the aim of every anti-poverty program – is to help our beneficiaries reach prosperity and self-sufficiency. This doesn’t mean taking assistance away from those who need HUD – it means doing our job so well that fewer and fewer people require our assistance.” Carson talks about housing assistance that works towards homeownership and job training. Writes Carson, “Expanding community investment through public/private partnerships and involving the most effective charities and religious institutions gives better results than federal agencies charging in and running lives. But for those families who might always need someone to lean on, including the elderly and disabled, HUD will be there for them.”

Carson’s Op-Ed in The Hill

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