Voter Guides on Critical Election Issues for New Jersey Voters

Ongoing Voter Guides, Registration and Education Campaigns Remain Important Even After November 7 Election

Even though the deadline to register in New Jersey’s November 7, 2017 election has passed, it is not too later to continue to register voters for upcoming future elections as well as use voter guides to educate new voters.

And now is the time to encourage registered voters to vote on November 7.

Mike Leotis, Recovery Training Coordinator with the Journey to Wellness in Tom’s River, New Jersey put together a voter registration and education campaign that includes a voter’s guide.

Journey to Wellness is an affiliate of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey Ocean. The guide was used to talk to voters about the candidates for governor, state senate, state house and share the positions of candidates on important campaign issues.

The gubernatorial candidates answered questions about New Jersey’s pension and the environment and discussed voting rights, criminal justice reform, property taxes, and job creation.

The questions posted to the local New Jersey General Assembly candidates for state senate and state representative provide an example that can be replicated for the races for other state senate and state house districts.

The culminating event of the voter registration and education campaign will be an election night gathering where voters will gather together to watch the election results.

This effective registration and education campaign has generated new voters and a greater understanding of what it means to “show up”, exercise the right to vote, and be part of the system.

Toms River Voter Guide

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