Lieutenant Governor-Elect Sheila Oliver to Lead DCA

Phil Murphy Chooses NJ Assembly Leader Shelia Oliver to Head DCA, Critical Agency for Affordable Housing and Ending Homelessness

Monarch Housing Associates was pleased that Governor-elect Phil Murphy has chosen Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver to head the Department of Community Affairs (DCA.)

Shelia Oliver will take on the role of DCA Commissioner in January after Governor-elect Murphy takes office on January 16, 2018.

As a leader in the New Jersey General Assembly, Shelia Oliver has supported community development including ensuring that affordable homes are within reach for all New Jerseyans.

As a trained social worker, Oliver’s background ensures that she will continue to include the needs of people with disabilities in the work of the Department of Community Affairs.

“From the beginning, I made it clear that I chose Sheila as my running mate to be my partner in Trenton, not just an ally on the campaign trail,” said Governor-Elect Murphy. “The Department of Community Affairs is critical for partnerships with local government, economic development, and affordable housing priorities, and the depth and breadth of Sheila’s experience in local, county, and state government makes her an ideal choice as Commissioner. By helping our communities move forward, Sheila will be a critical part of our mission to bring a stronger and fairer economy to all of New Jersey.”

Oliver was first elected to the New Jersey General Assembly in 2003. Oliver will hold that post until the end of the current legislative session. Oliver will be New Jersey’s first female African-American statewide elected official.

“The people of New Jersey connected with the Murphy-Oliver ticket because of our message of strengthening the economy from the middle class out,” Oliver said. “Nothing is more critical to the future of our state than the future of our communities. I thank Governor-elect Murphy for this honor and for his confidence, and I look forward to working with him to bring real change for the people of New Jersey.”

The current DCA Commissioner Chuck Richman and his staff have made it possible for thousands of individuals with disabilities and other special needs to afford homes. DCA has provided significant rental subsidies to create affordable homes. Richman has worked for DCA for thirty years.

“One of the most important actions that, Shelia Oliver can do on her first day as DCA Commissioner would be to commit to continuing the various initiatives to end homelessness initiated by Commissioner Richman. NJ has the largest housing first program of any state and it is beginning to document savings in spending on health care and other public programs. Commissioner Oliver can not only preserve and protect this initiative but expand it to serve more people” said Richard W. Brown.

“Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver and Governor-elect Phil Murphy have a unique opportunity to provide the leadership and support required to end homelessness in NJ,” said Brown. “Monarch Housing and our partners are ready, willing and able to work with Commissioner Oliver as we did with Commissioner Richman to end homelessness in the Garden State.”