Middletown Homes Cuts Ribbon and Dedicates Jack and Barbara Tarditi Home

Allies Celebrates Partnerships and Development of Two New Homes in Middletown

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Allies Inc. held a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony for its Jack and Barbara Tarditi Home located at Middletown Avenue in Middletown, New Jersey.

This is one of two new homes that Allies is opening in Middletown. The event included tours of the new building.

Thanks to partnerships, a journey that began in 2009 has finally come to fruition. Michael Marrazzo, President of Housing and United Services was instrumental in making the two Middletown Homes a reality.

Supporters of the project who spoke at the ceremony included:

Funders of the Middletown Homes project are:

Allies project partners include:

The Middletown Homes are the last of the projects funded by the HUD section 811-Supporting Housing Program in New Jersey.

These are photos from the Ribbon Cutting taken by Asish Patel. Please give credit if you share the photos. They are also on our Facebook Page.


“The ribbon cutting for the Jack and Barbara Tarditi Home is a very significant moment for many reasons. Allies is pleased to announce that it is dedicating the 55 Middletown Avenue development as the Jack and Barbara Tarditi Home,” said Don Tretola, Chief Public Affairs Officer for Allies, Inc.

“Jack and Barbara are two incredible humanitarians who spend their lives giving back to communities and have been long time supporters of Allies and its mission. Therefore, when we speak of partnerships, we must include the Tarditis. They are incredible advocates for people with special needs who continuously go above and beyond. Partnerships such as these are a core reason why Allies exists.”

“We should all be extremely proud to know that eight of our most vulnerable New Jersey residents will now be able to live in these beautiful homes as independently as possible, thanks in part to HUD’s 811 Program,” said Lynne Patton, HUD Regional Administrator for New York and New Jersey. “A very special thanks to Middletown Township for donating the land and to all involved for changing these lives for the better.”

Allies, Inc. is an accredited nonprofit agency dedicated to providing housing, healthcare, meaningful employment, and recreational opportunities to people with special needs in the communities of their choice. Allies works one-on-one with families to design a comprehensive assistance plan that meets people’s specific needs and goals. Allies takes great pride in designing programs that are as individualized and unique as the people it serves.


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