We Need a Stronger Safety Net Says Governor-Elect Murphy

Governor-Elect Murphy Shares Message on Thanksgiving of Protecting Affordable Housing and Food Security Safety Net

On November 23, 2017, NJ Advance media reported that Governor-elect Phil Murphy and his wife, New Jersey’s first lady, Tammy Murphy, volunteered at a Thanksgiving meal.

They helped to serve a holiday meal hosted by Lunch Break, a Red Bank nonprofit that provides food and clothing to those in need.

“Gov.-elect Phil Murphy says New Jersey needs “a stronger safety net” when it comes to affordable housing and access to food.”

His wife and four children volunteered alongside him.

“This is our backyard,” said the governor-elect, who lives in a sprawling, 10,000-square-foot waterfront home in Middletown, addressing the room. ” … We’re honored to be here to help out in our own small way.”

In these very uncertain political times at the national level, let’s hope that the Governor and his new administration team can do all that they can to protect the safety net and the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors in New Jersey.

“You just have to stop and talk to people,” she said. “Every single person here has a story and it’s been a great story. I just met some girls who are going to college and came home and there’s all sorts. It’s, you know, the fabric of New Jersey.” Murphy reminded us that many of our neighbors in need are working and going to school but just can’t make ends meet.

“You also see, by the way, where we need a stronger safety net in this state,” the governor-elect said, citing a conversation he had with a woman who told him her mother is being pushed out of housing. “You’ve got too many people who are going without.”

He noted affordable housing and food security as areas that need to be addressed.

“You ask yourself where would you be without an institution like this,” Murphy said.

“We’re very excited,” Love said of Murphy. “The reality is that he could have been any place today.” Gwendolyn Love is Lunch Break’s executive director.

“Love said Murphy’s support for a $15 minimum wage presents a challenge for businesses owners as well as managers like her who have to pay staff, but said she remains hopeful that the move will benefit the community Lunch Break serves. (Murphy campaigned on the pledge to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage from less than $9 to $15, which would happen over the course of the next few years.)”

“People need to make more money,” Love said. “I have faith in everyone, from the governor on down to the business community, that they’ll work it out and that compassion and wisdom will prevail.

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