How Can Houses of Worship Move Forward and Support Our Homeless Neighbors?

First Presbyterian Church of Cranford Hosts December 21 Homeless Memorial Vigil

Organizers involved in the planning of the second annual Homeless Sabbath Weekend and Union County Homeless Memorial Vigil have shared their thoughts on the importance of remembering individuals experiencing homelessness.

Skip Winter with First Presbyterian Church in Cranford writes:

Everyone should have a place to call Home. That sounds like a simple concept that everyone should easily be able to wrap their head around, right! Everyone should have a safe, secure and sanitary home to live in, either alone or with family and friends. Home means different things to different people.

To some, it is a place to return to after a day of work; to others it is a place to find a sense of calm and peace, to escape the chaotic environment of everyday life; and to others it is shelter and security. Whatever it means to each and every individual in their own way, having a home should be a non-debatable fact of life.

Yet, as a nation and a world for that matter, we spend billions of dollars every year on programs that, at times, we do not even understand or are politically motivated programs. Yet when it comes to finding and supporting programs to assist those in need of housing and food, those programs are the ones in jeopardy of being cut and eliminated.

As Houses of Worship…How Can We Move Forward and Support Those In Need?

At First Presbyterian Church (FPC) of Cranford, we have been supporting programs such as transitional housing and emergency shelter and also preparing food for those in need for over 31 years.

  • In 1986, FPC Cranford began work with the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) to supply transitional housing for several weeks per year.
  • Over 27 years, ago, the Cranford – Elmora Soup Kitchen was founded and to this day, it supplies dinner every Sunday afternoon to all who need a hot meal.
  • Starting this month, FPC will be starting our 3rd year with Operation Warm Heart, a program through the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless that brings homeless men and women to our church each week from December 1 thru March 31.

Organizations like FISH, Family Promise, Homefirst Interfaith Housing & Family Services and the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, are just a few that do what they can daily to assist those looking for shelter and a place to call home. These organizations are just a few of the agencies and organizations that support the homeless.

As people of faith, and Houses of Worship we continue to need to advocate, support and pray for our brothers and sisters in need.

First Presbyterian Church in Cranford is hosting this year’s Union County Homeless Memorial Vigil on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

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First Presbyterian Church participated in the second annual Homeless Sabbath weekend on Sunday, December 17, 2017.

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