Congress Faces Another Deadline to Fund Federal Government

Democrats Demand that Federal Government Budget Deal Maintains Defense and Non-defense Parity

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) reports that Congress remains at an impasse over how to fund the federal government for FY18.

This creates the possibility of a government shutdown when the current stopgap funding measure, known as a continuing resolution (CR), expires on Friday, January 19, 2018.

A CR carries forward federal government funding levels from the previous year.

Lawmakers have now passed several CRs for FY18, as they continue to negotiate a final deal to lift mandatory caps to increase spending on discretionary programs and fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year.

House leaders have indicated they are close to reaching a two-year federal government spending deal and hope to have it approved by both the House and Senate before the current CR expires this week.

But Congress will likely have to pass another CR to give appropriators time to finalize the 12 annual spending bills. These spending bills include those that fund affordable housing and community development program-based on the increased funding levels set by the deal. These bills will likely be combined to form an omnibus spending package.

Democrats continue to demand that any deal maintain parity between defense and non-defense spending and include emergency aid for areas impacted by recent hurricanes and wildfires. Democrats are also demanding that the deal provides a fix for young undocumented immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) did not rule out attaching a disaster aid package to the CR and said that Congress needs to provide more than the $81 billion aid package passed by the House in December.

NDD United reports that the short-term CR would likely extend through February 16, 2018 when Congress adjourns for a week long President’s Day recess. This will allow appropriators more time to complete a FY 2018 spending package.

The Republican proposal would raise the defense cap by $80 billion in FY 2019, while increasing the nondefense cap by $50 billion.

NDD United is an alliance of hundreds of national, state, and local organizations working to protect investments in core government functions that benefit all Americans. The programs–known in the nation’s capital as non-defense discretionary or “NDD” programs include:

  • veterans affairs,
  • medical and scientific research;
  • education and job training;
  • infrastructure;
  • public safety and law enforcement;
  • public health;
  • weather monitoring and environmental protection;
  • natural and cultural resources;
  • housing and social services; and
  • international relations.

Each day these programs support economic growth and strengthen the safety and security of every American in every state and community across the nation.

NDD United

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