Is Homelessness Going Down in NJ? NJCounts 2018 Will Have the Answers

NJCounts 2018 Counts the Homeless in Monmouth County and Connects them to Services

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, NJCounts 2018, the statewide Point-in-Time count of the homeless took place across the state counting individuals and households who experience homelessness.

Radio and TV stations across New Jersey were among the news outlets that reported on NJCounts 2018.

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, NJ 101.5 reported, “Is homelessness going down in NJ? We’ll Know soon.” NJ 101.5 interviewed Monarch Housing Associates’ Jay Everett who explained the critical importance of NJCounts 2018.

“It is also planned in order that we can get the resources and services necessary to help those folks who are experiencing housing crisis and homelessness,” Jay Everett of Monarch Housing Associates, a non-profit aimed at helping New Jersey’s homeless, said.

“We’re seeing progress but there’s much more left to do,” he said.

Many factors will contribute to this year’s homeless count, as shelters have reported lack of capacity to house homeless families, a shortage of rental housing has driven up demand and costs, and Congress hasn’t increased funding for the federal Housing Choice Voucher program, Everett said.

New Jersey continues to have a higher rate of foreclosures than the national average as well, he said. Too many jobs in the state do not pay a living wage and those that do, are leaving the state, Everett said.

Learning about efforts in our community to help end homelessness is “really an important piece of helping our neighbors achieve self-efficiency and be stable in our communities, and enjoy what New Jersey has to offer without being in crisis,” Everett said.

Fios1 reported from Freehold on Monmouth County’s NJCounts 2018 activities “Counties in NJ aim to count number of homeless people, connect them with resources.”

On January 24, 2018, four sites in Monmouth County offered Project Homeless Connect events connecting homeless people to services and resources.

“Many people are on the verge of homelessness. But it’s down on the street, under the boardwalks, in the woods that we go searching trying to offer assistance to people,” says Monmouth County Human Services Advisory Council Coordinator Laurie Duhovny.

“Unfortunately, there’s people that are living un-sheltered on the streets that we have had contact with. We know they’re there and we’ve offer them assistance, we try to bring them into the shelters that we have in Monmouth County,” Duhovny says.

Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley spoke of the increasing homelessness crisis in New Jersey saying “issue of homelessness is getting worse, and both Trenton and Washington D.C. are falling behind. “…Our needs are becoming greater each and every month, therefore each and every year,” Curley says.

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Fios1 Coverage

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