Governor Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Oliver Release of Final Transition Housing Report

Policy Group Recommends to Governor Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Oliver Addressing Housing Crisis and Ending Homelessness

On January 26, 2017, New Jersey Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver released their gubernatorial transition team’s transition reports.

According to the press release, the reports are “A reflection of the substantive debate and discussion within each committee during the transition process. The reports are committee-specific and provide a strong policy framework for the Murphy-Oliver administration.”

“I am proud to say that our transition was the most inclusive and diverse transition advisory process in the history of New Jersey,” Governor Murphy said. “We had over 80 co-chairs and over 500 transition team members who all brought incredible experience and knowledge to each policy issue that was covered. The breadth of the recommendations provides a strong foundation as we begin to build a New Jersey that works for everyone.”

“The reports detail suggestions for implementing smarter, more strategic investments in areas like transportation, healthcare, housing, clean energy and other key sectors to help grow New Jersey’s economy.”

The housing report includes priorities with actions that the Murphy administration should e able to accomplish.

The Housing Policy Group recommended the following priorities:

  • Commit to address the state’s housing crisis through statewide coordination and policy
  • Incentivize housing production
  • Reduce barriers to creating housing
  • Provide legal assistance to individuals facing eviction and/or foreclosure
  • End homelessness in New Jersey
  • Combat the foreclosure crisis

More specifically, under ending homelessness in New Jersey, “New Jersey can seek to end homelessness by setting a progressive Housing First policy.”

Suggested actions include:

  • Directing New Jersey to operate as Housing First, prioritizing permanent housing for all
  • Developing responsive bureaucracy with authority to create a collaborative approach to homelessness
  • Endorsing legislation to allow counties to increase Homeless Trust Funds
  • Banning tenant “Blacklisting”

Monarch Housing Associates sees Housing First as a best practice for ending homelessness in New Jersey. Bergen and Middlesex Counties are just two of the New Jersey Counties who successfully implement Housing First to end homelessness.

Increasing Housing Trust Funds which are already creating the affordable housing necessary to end homelessness is an important action to take.

Low-income tenants are often discriminated against and banning tenant “blacklisting” and combatting the foreclosure crisis are critically linked to ending homelessness.

“Short-sighted decisions based on what could happen in the next election have left many New Jersey agencies without strategies that ensure the state’s competitiveness and viability in the 21st Century, but the era of ad-hoc policy making is over in New Jersey,” Governor Murphy said. “We have thoroughly reviewed the Transition reports and have already started acting on some of the recommendations. We are excited to continue making progress and move toward a stronger and fairer New Jersey.”

Governor’s Press Release

Full List of Transition Reports

Housing Transition Report

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