Create Affordable Homes, Boost the Economy

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  1. Were these statements ‘100 multi-family homes generates $11.7 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and 161 local jobs in the first year.’ verified by an independent analysis. NAHB is an advocacy group that has a specific agenda and like all advocacy groups tailors numbers to fit their storyline. Also, NJ is loosing more citizens per year than gaining (NJ most likely will loose 2 house seats in 2020 which indicates NJ will have 1.4 million less residents). Is that reduction included in your estimates.

    Lastly, what about impacts to current homeowners. You say folks have problems struggling with mortgages. Most mortgages are tailored to pay simultaneously property taxes. Is it the note to the bank folks are struggling to pay for or the constant increases in property taxes (which seem to increase faster than inflation) that folks struggle to pay? Maybe if you reduce property taxes, people wont struggle paying their mortgages. Also, you cannot fix problems that folks cause themselves (get into a mortgage or rental agreement that far exceeds current and potential salaries) and it is not fair for the remaining tax payers to pick up the bill to resolve those issues. Note that you when say the government, you imply the citizens that pay taxes have the responsibility.

  2. I recently posted. What happened to it? I don’t think you like comments that do not follow the party line.

  3. There is a great grassroots movement statewide FB campaign: “NJ-stop the madness”. We are hoping for residents to join in attempts to ameliorate all the high density market rate residential that sneaks in along with our COAH mandates. We certainly understand the issue of unaffordability, but we cant accept the 80-85% market rate units that developers force us to accept with it. We cant sacrifice our host state for this overdevelopment that impacts our schools, infrastructure and resources-this is not the purpose of the COAH mandates. Please, staci berger, we need your help and support to work this issue out and together come up with proper alternatives.

    check out our facebook page “NJ-stop the madness (of overdevelopment)” The site so far in 4 weeks 800 members, 45 towns. Thanks for your attention to this serious issue affecting us all.