Stopping Cuts to Housing in the Upcoming Congressional Budget

Over 300,000 NJ Renter Spent Half or More of Their Income on Housing in 2015-2016

Hands Off is the campaign to fight Trump’s and Congress’ housing budget cuts. The campaign urges you to find out what is at stake with potential budget cuts in your congressional district and state and to share your story!

The cuts in President Donald Trump’s and Congress’ budgets would be devastating for affordable housing. For example, Trump’s budget cuts the Public Housing Capital Fund by $1.27 billion, which could mean that 212,000 potentially unsafe public housing units may not get the repairs they need.

These cuts would fall particularly hard on people with disabilities, who already face a severe affordability gap. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the budget could strip 250,000 households of rental assistance, and 110,000 of these households include individuals with disabilities.

For 18 million renting households, housing costs absorb more than 50 percent of their income, thus leaving very few financial resources for non-shelter necessities.

In New Jersey, the number of renters spending half or more of their household income on housing costs from 2015-2016 was 306,429. Nationally, that total number of renters was 10,379,370.

The Hands Off Campaign also breaks down the number of renters spending half of more of their income on housing costs by congressional district.

In New Jersey’s congressional districts, the numbers are as follows:

Hands Off is a campaign dedicated to stopping cuts to people’s health care, disability benefits, nutrition assistance, and other basic living standards in the upcoming congressional budgets.

President Donald Trump’s and the congressional Republicans’ budgets are cutting access to basic living standards—everything from jobs to education, housing, Meals on Wheels, food assistance, environmental protections, and disability programs—all to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and corporations. Share your story about how these cuts would impact you.

Other areas that are a focus of the Hands Off campaign are disabilities, education, environmental protection, healthcare, nutritional assistance, science and research and women’s health and rights.

Hands Off Campaign

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