Diversity and Integration Remains Elusive for NJ School and Districts

Lack of Integration in New Jersey’s Schools Related to The Color of Law & The History of Government Segregation

Last week, NJ Spotlight featured an interactive map showing that “Diversity remains elusive for NJ Schools and District.” The map shows that “despite efforts to encourage integration, state’s public-school system continues to be among the most segregated in the nation.”

The interactive map allows readers to search for a specific school and view its white enrollment and the diversity proportion.

This map feature is especially timely with The Color of Law Public Policy Forum about a week away. On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Monarch Housing Associates in partnership with Seton Hall University Law School, the Anti-Poverty Network of NJ, and NJ Institute for Social Justice will host a Public Policy Forum on The Color of Law and its impact on civil rights in NJ. Thank you to Investors Bank Foundation and New Jersey Office of the Attorney General’s Division on Civil Rights for their generous support of this important Public Policy Forum.

The Public Policy Forum keynote speaker and author Richard Rothstein will present the national research in his book, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Government Segregated America, and take questions from the audience.

NJ Spotlight reports that “Close to a quarter of public school students attend classes in districts that are almost all white or at least 90 percent nonwhite, reported the Center for Diversity and Equality in Education. But there is good news on the flip side — about the same percentage (25 percent) of New Jersey schools have student populations that approximately match the state’s diverse racial and ethnic makeup.”

The segregation in the public schools is directly correlated to the housing segregation that has happened in New Jersey’s cities and towns.

“New Jersey’s public-school system continues to be among the most segregated in the nation, said Ryan Coughlan, a faculty member at CUNY’s Guttman Community College and co-author of the report, “The New Promise of School Integration and the Old Problem of Extreme Segregation: An Action Plan for New Jersey to Address Both.”

“It is deeply discouraging that New Jersey’s poor urban students of color are even more segregated now than they were when we wrote our 2013 report urging the state to take action,” Coughlan said.

Diversity remains elusive for NJ Schools and Distric

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