Evicted Exhibit at National Building Museum Features Homeless Solutions

Evicted Exhibit: Visuals and Audio Highlights How Eviction Leads to Spiral of Hard Times Affecting All Aspects of Life

This spring, the National Building Museum open Evicted, an exhibition based on Matthew Desmond’s Pulitzer prize-winning book. Homeless Solutions was approached by the exhibit’s production team about working with its shelter participants and graduates to gather visuals and audios for the exhibit.

The exhibit features five of Homeless Solutions’ program participants from single mothers to a teen and even a young 6-year-old girl.

Eviction is not just about the loss of private space and possessions. Eviction often leads to a spiral of hard times, affecting everything from physical and mental health, to job performance and school stability.

Shannon Muti, HSI’s Women & Family Services Manager shared, “Just as Matthew Desmond’s book describes, the families we see at Homeless Solutions never CHOSE to not pay rent, they COULDN’T pay rent and their other expenses, including food for their children, because their incomes were too low. Choosing between a roof over your head and food in your child’s mouth is a choice no parent ever wants to make.”

Last year, 57% of the families served in Homeless Solutions’ Transitional Housing Program became homeless due to some form of eviction. And these evictions follow our families, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

If you’re in D.C. Homeless Solutions and Monarch Housing encourages you to experience this ground-breaking exhibit. The exhibit compelling and it’s free! The exhibit is open until May 2019.

From the National Building Museum website, “A stable place to call home is one of the best predictors of success. Yet, each year more than 2.3 million Americans, most of them low-income renters, face eviction. While it used to be rare even in the poorest neighborhoods, forcible removal has become ordinary, with families facing eviction from the most squalid, barely inhabitable apartments.

This phenomenon exposes not only income inequality in America, but also the growing separation between the built environments of the rich and the poor.”

Located in Morris County, today, Homeless Solutions, Inc. provides shelter for 25 homeless men, 10 homeless women, 10 families and 20 Safe Haven guests. Our guests receive services including case management, transportation to work and necessary appointments, money management and employment assistance, housing search assistance and daily living skills training. Referral services for counseling, substance abuse intervention and prevention are also provided.

National Building Museum Evicted Exhibit

Homeless Solutions

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