Kaiser Permanente to Aid in Reducing Homelessness

Kaiser Permanente Donates of $200 Million to End Homelessness

The healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente has announced its plan to invest $200 million in community efforts to combat homelessness across the nation. This is one of the largest private-sector initiatives to fund ending homelessness in recent times.

According to Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson, “In the 21st century, we should not accept the whole concept of homelessness in our communities.” This type of attitude has grown among healthcare leaders as they recognize that stable housing is equally important to medical care.

UnitedHealthcare, which is the country’s largest insurance company, with its support for low income housing in Phoenix sets an example for other companies. Similarly, other hospital systems have established affordable housing in Oregon and Florida.

Nan Roman, president of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, is hopeful that the amount of money donated by Kaiser will demonstrate to policymakers the magnitude of the issue.

Kaiser’s investments will target:

  • Northern and Southern California,
  • Washington State,
  • Oregon,
  • Colorado,
  • Maryland,
  • Hawaii,
  • Georgia,
  • Virginia, and
  • Washington D.C.

It hopes to aim its support at large cities where it thinks homelessness is most prevalent.

The insurer plans to invest in stable low income housing but also provide community efforts such as homeless shelters and social services.

Just this week, Los Angeles county approved a new budget which calls for $402 million in spending for homelessness prevention, affordable housing preservation, outreach, rent subsidies, employment services, and homeless shelters. The city of Los Angeles will use $1.2 billion to build more affordable housing units.

According to the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, “Cities simply cannot address this issue alone. We need broad community support to address the many complex issues that are causing homelessness.”

On July 25th, a Congressional Reception will be held at the Dirksen Senate Auditorium in Washington D.C. This event will allow New Jersey Residents who are working poor, below the poverty line and or impacted by homelessness to urge their elected officials in Washington to make No Cuts to Housing and remind them that Opportunity Starts at Home.

Click here for more information about the Congressional Reception. You can also follow @OppStartsatHome in order to learn more about the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Opportunity Starts at Home Campaign. Follow the event with these hashtags #NJHillDay #NoHousingCuts and @OppStartsatHome.

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