Supportive Housing and Health Outcomes

Impact of Supportive Housing on Health Outcomes for Vulnerable Populations

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) published a new paper titled “Supportive Housing & Healthcare Outcomes.” The paper reviews the state of available research literature on the topic of “Housing as Healthcare.” Often, this phrase is used to describe the immense impact that housing has on the health conditions and needs of vulnerable populations.

CSH expressed that the goal of this paper is to be used as a starting point for supportive housing and healthcare providers to discuss how housing and healthcare closely align.

According to the report, “Homeless individuals have been known to accrue healthcare expenditures nearly four times greater than the average Medicaid recipient. The costly episodes, which often result from the use of acute services, can also be associated with worse health and quality of life outcomes and increases in health disparities.”

The report details how supportive housing can encourage stronger connections to primary care and more appropriate health care utilization can provide a more stable environment to connect individuals with reliable service providers.

  • Essentially, stable housing is the foundation of any relationship with a primary healthcare provider.
  • These relationships ultimately increase sanitation, reduce exposure to dangerous health conditions, improve attendance at routine appointments.
  • Secondarily, this better connection reduces infection rates, reduces trauma related incidents, increased ability to contribute to rent, and ultimately leads to reduced use of emergency services.

The twelve page report continues to demonstrate the inevitable connection between housing and healthcare.

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Supportive Housing & Healthcare Outcomes

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