Photos from the 2018 Congressional Reception

Over 350 Attend the 2018 Congressional Reception

More than 350 advocates traveled to Washington, D.C. for the 2018 Congressional Reception with the message “No Housing Cuts” and “Opportunity Starts at Home.”

Constituents and advocates at the 2018 Congressional Reception urged members of Congress from New Jersey to oppose proposed devastating spending cuts to programs that give New Jersey residents access to affordable homes.

We are pleased to share 161 photos from the 2018 Congressional Reception. All of these photos were taken by Asish Patel of Monarch Housing. Please feel free to like, share and use as long as you give credit to the photographer.

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Both Senators Menendez and Booker attended along with the following members of Congress:

Most of the other members sent staff.

At the Congressional Reception, individuals impacted by homelessness and living in each of New Jersey’s twelve congressional districts shared their stories with their elected officials and urge them to prevent housing cuts and ensure that opportunity starts at home.

I’asia Young works as a teacher’s assistant, lives in Trenton with her four children and spoke at the Congressional Reception. She shared her story with Senator Menendez because she says, “After a few years of ‘walking on eggshells’ and finding myself homeless and then living in temporary housing, our home in Trenton, where I now pay my own rent has changed our lives. We now enjoy life in a good neighborhood and I can spend my free and quality time with my kids. I strongly believe that homelessness must be solved with the help of increased federal funding.”

Michael Folger of Newark joined I’asia and other advocates traveling to Washington, DC and told his story to Senator Booker. “My biggest fear is being homeless again,” says Michael. “But despite the challenges I face, I remain hopeful about my future and give back serving on a local advisory board and sharing my success story with others. My affordable housing has given me my own place to call home. I urge New Jersey’ elected officials to increase funding that will both end homelessness and treat mental health.”

We know that by joining together and amplifying our voices, we can have an impact on the decisions that are made in Washington DC

The federal government must be a full partner in ensuring an adequate breadth of services are available to prevent children, people with disabilities, the elderly, and all of our neighbors in NJ from experiencing the homelessness.

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