Voting While Homeless Does Not Have to be Complicated

Timely Reminders about the Voting Rights of Homeless Individuals

Nonprofit Vote wrote an article answering questions about voting while homeless. This brief article clears up common misconceptions about how to register to vote while experiencing homelessness and provides links to resources with more detailed information.

  • The first misconception that the article addresses is that individuals facing homelessness cannot register to vote. This misconception is false in all 50 states. In order to register to vote without a permanent address, Nonprofit Vote recommends that homeless individuals list a shelter address as their voting address if it is an address where they can also receive mail. If listing a shelter address is not possible then homeless individuals should list a street corner or a park address as their voting address.

Although all homeless people are eligible to vote if they meet all other voter guidelines, most states require that a person have lived for a specific period of time in the state or county in order to register. To find out what their state or county guidelines are homeless individuals are encouraged to reach out to their local election officials.

The article also lists two links where more information can be found on registering and voting while homeless.

It is important that homeless individuals know their voting rights. Voting allows homeless individuals to ensure that their elected officials are working to increase funding for affordable housing in their area and in the country. To read more about voting while homeless click here for Nonprofit Vote’s article.

The deadline to register to vote in New Jersey’s general election is Tuesday, October 16, 2018. The general election in which elections will take place in all twelve U.S. House of Representative seats is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is also running for re-election.

Nonprofit Vote

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