We Need to Take Care of our Homeless Veterans

American Legion Post 107 in Hoboken Building Six Affordable Homes for Veterans

On July 17, John P. Carey of Hoboken and Commander of Post 107, of the American Legion wrote the guest column “We Need to Take Care of Our Homeless Veterans” for the Jersey Journal.

Writes Carey, “We have to take care of our veterans because our politicians are not.”

Carey questions why our elected officials in Washington, D.C. have such excellent health insurance while U.S. veterans do not receive the same health coverage after their service to our country.

“Today, we have nearly 40,000 veterans on the streets every night. These men and women served our country and shouldn’t be on the streets. We have an obligation to take care of our veterans. When we send them off to war or put them in harm’s way, we must take care of them when they come home. We must address all their needs be they physical or mental. Every serviceman/woman when he/she enlisted went through a series of tests that he/she passed before they were accepted for service. They were good when they went in and should be made good when they come home.”

American Legion Post 107 is doing more than its fair share to take care of homeless veterans.

Writes Carey, “I’m proud to say that we, the Hoboken American Legion Post 107 is the first American Legion Post in this country that is doing something about taking care of our homeless veterans. Our Post was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and with help from the National American Legion, the American Legion Dept. of N.J. and numerous posts from around the country as well as the Hoboken Rotary we were able to Band-Aid our Post and get back in after two years.”

When rebuilt American Legion Post 107, the new Post will include six new apartments for homeless veterans. Funding and service partners in this project include the City of Hoboken, Hudson County and the State of New Jersey. Monarch Housing is the housing consultant for this important project.

The American Legion Post 107 has undertaken a fundraising effort to raise the remaining the $400,000 still needed to complete the six units of affordable housing for veterans.

We Need to Take Care of Our Homeless Veterans

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