Sarah Milan Shares Experience with Homelessness and Addiction at Congressional Reception

Sarah Milan

Sarah Milan Speaks at Now Lives in Her Own Home and Furthering Her Own Education

Sarah Milan spoke at this year’s Congressional Reception on July 25 in Washington D.C. She is a constituent of Congressman Norcross (D-NJ-1), who was unable to attend the event this year. His office sent a representative from his staff to event. If you live in Congressman Norcross’ district, please send him a message sharing the video of Sarah Milan’s testimony so that he can view first-hand the impact of homelessness in his district.

Sarah has lived in Camden her whole life. At age 13, she was sexually abused. When her mother discovered her abuse, her mother kicked her out of the house, and Sarah was left to live on the streets.

Sarah moved from house to house, staying with different friends for several years. By age 20, she was addicted to drugs and forced to live on the street.

Sarah explains, “I ran into people in Camden who had (poor) mental health, who had felonies like I had, who just couldn’t survive, they didn’t have education or a career.”

After several years, Sarah finally received the help she had needed for so long. She gained access to a Methadone treatment program through Resources for Human Development (RHD) of Camden.

RHD helped Sarah receive therapy, clean up her record, locate housing, and go back to school to further her education. Sarah now feels independent renting her own apartment and owning her own car.

Sarah declares, “They helped me get my self-respect back that I had lost from my addiction.”

Unfortunately, Sarah was injured in an accident leaving her unable to work. She receives Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which helps her pay for her apartment and other expenses.

Sarah wants her elected officials to focus on the problems that are happening now in the United States, because there is still so much to be done within our nation.

RHD is a national human services nonprofit with the broadest possible service mission, and specializes in creating innovative, quality services that support people of all abilities wherever the need exists. RHD’s caring, effective services empower people of all abilities as they work to achieve the highest level of independence possible and build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. RHD currently supports programs in 14 states including New Jersey.

There are many other New Jerseyans like Sarah that are struggling in Camden, in the first congressional district that Congressman Norcross represents. Over 350 attendees listened to Sarah’s moving story on July 25th.

Monarch Housing Associates and its Congressional Reception partners would like to thank Sarah Milan for speaking at this year’s event.

Srarah Milan’s Video

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