NJ Constituents Declare to Congresswoman Watson Coleman that Opportunity Starts at Home

Congresswoman Watson Coleman Urges her Constituents to Stay Vigilant

Two constituents from District 12 spoke at this year’s Congressional Reception to Congresswoman Watson Coleman, who was in attendance.

First, Morgan Wilson spoke on his experiences and explained to Congresswoman Watson Coleman that all of his opportunities started when he had a home.

Morgan was homeless for many years and had been in and out of jail. When he was released, he didn’t have a house or anywhere to go.

Morgan would like to thank HUD for providing him with the resources to get stable housing. Now that he has a home, he can look presentable and be well rested, and ultimately be ready to work a good job and make a salary.

He declared, ““Don’t cut housing! Opportunity starts at home.”

Next, Robert Brooks also spoke on his experience with homelessness.

As a child, Robert was sexually abused in his own home causing deep emotional trauma. Robert repressed most of these memories until he was in prison and realized that he needed treatment for his traumas in order to rebuild his life. When he was released from prison, he too had nowhere to go.

Eventually, Robert found Catholic Charities who helped him receive mental health support and services to help him get back on his feet and end his substance abuse.

He claims, “Catholic Charities saved my life.”

Robert now wants to help others who have struggled through the same challenges as him, which is why he decided to write his book Psychology of a Thug: Demystify.

He declares, “It’s bad enough as it is now, and you’re talking about cutting the budget? We should be increasing it!”

Robert asks, “Do you want me to go back to crime?” Without affordable housing and other resources such as mental health services, Robert believes he could have returned to crime and ended up back in prison. Stable housing has not only kept him off the streets, but out of prison.

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman listened intently to her constituents and also spoke herself.

She explained how she admired everyone who came to the reception, and stated, “I believe that this is a government by and for the people… and when the people stand up, when the people have their voices heard, and when they show up in numbers like this, then believe it or not it changes things.”

Congresswoman Watson Coleman explained, “We cannot allow anyone in this country to be homeless. We’re too rich for that.”

Congresswoman Watson Coleman urged her constituents to be vigilant and let their elected officials know what they want from their government.

She stated, “It’s because of people like you who stand up… it is because of you, more than anyone else, that we can get attention to these things, and get things done.”

Monarch Housing Associates would like to thank Morgan and Robert for speaking, and for Congresswoman Watson Coleman for attending and speaking.

If you are her constituent, make sure you send her a message to thank her for her attendance.

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