NHSDC Conference: Start the Ignition: Implementing Changes for Our Future

NHSDC Conference Workshop Homelessness and Medicaid Use: The Impact of Housing and Services

The National Human Services Data Consortium – NHSDC – will hold its Fall 2018 conference, “Start the Ignition: Implementing Changes for Our Future” from October 17-18, 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

The conference will highlight the good work that practitioners and communities are doing to leverage data in the fight to end homelessness. All communities employ different strategies and creative means to tackle the social services issues.

NHSDC has set and announced the preliminary agenda for the conference. Included in the sessions to be offered at the conference is a session on “Homelessness and Medicaid Use: The Impact of Housing and Services” which will be presented by Monarch Housing Associates’ Senior Associate Taiisa Kelly who heads up the Ending Homelessness Team and Janel Winter, Director of the Division of Housing and Community Resources at the NJ Department of Community Affairs.

Registration for the October conference is now open.

A similar workshop was presented at the CSH Summit in Los Angeles in June. The themes and messages of the June workshop were:

During their presentations and the Q & A session with the audience that followed, the panelists included and touched on the key themes and messages of:

  • Engaging research institutions, key state agencies, and planners working to end homelessness to determine intersection of homeless population and Medicaid spending.
  • Explaining the impact of these cost saving housing initiatives at the community and continuum of care levels including redefining how local programs are structured.
  • Not getting “caught up in” or “stuck in data”, using a “wait and see” approach and failing to use it to implement proven successful practices; Data should not become an obstacle in the work to end homelessness. Janel cautioned, “People are homeless today and they can’t wait for us.”
  • The importance of engaging with state agency and health care partners and begin conversations and the city and county levels and Janel spoke about how important it is all for all agencies involved in the work to end homelessness to “speak the same language.”
  • Working to create a housing and services system that work for everyone with the most effective activities
  • Ensuring that providers of support services are able to bill Medicaid for services and avoid unnecessary costs or place the costs, as Emmy referenced, “in the most appropriate pocket”

NHSDC drives public policy in both directions (bottom up and top down) and facilitates human services delivery improvements. NHSDC includes a wide range of people and organizations involved in the development and implementation of collaborative Management Information Systems across the U.S.

The NHSDC provides information, assistance, peer education, and lifelong learning to its membership and other interested parties in the articulation, planning, implementation, and continuous operation of technology initiatives to collect, aggregate, analyze, and present information regarding the provision of human services.

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