CSH Speak Up Supportive Housing Advocacy Shares Success Story on Dateline NBC

CSH Speak Up Message – A Place to Sleep, Access to Health Care, and Other Services Reminds Us Opportunity Starts at Home

On August 19, 2018, Dateline on NBC focused on the state of homelessness in Los Angeles. CSH Speak Up supportive housing advocate Emily Martinuk was featured in a conversation with Craig Melvin and LA Family Housing President & CEO Stephanie Klasy-Gamer.

The story went beyond the scale of homelessness by featuring people still living on the street and those who are now thriving in supportive housing.

Speaking from her apartment, Emily Martinuk spoke to how she was once in a desperate situation but in addition to having a place to sleep she now has access to health care and other services thanks to supportive housing.

On July 25, 2018, twenty-seven individuals impacted by homelessness shared their stories with their elected officials in Washington D.C. A highlights video compiles clips of each of their stories and remarks at the Congressional Reception. Many of these individuals are now also thriving in their own homes in supportive housing and affordable housing.

Over 350 advocates from all over New Jersey gathered in Washington D.C. to tell their elected officials to not make any cuts to housing. The goal of the Congressional Reception was to generate awareness on how vital stable housing is to life and to remind our representatives in Washington that Opportunity Starts at Home.

This year’s event had two themes: “No Housing Cuts” and “Opportunity Starts at Home.” Each of the twenty-seven different impact speakers incorporated these themes into their remarks.

Throughout the day, the Dirksen Senate Auditorium was filled with laughter, tears, and applause, all generated from the fantastic line up of speakers.

Many of the impact speakers spoke about how new opportunities in their life began once they were given decent, affordable housing. Patricia Mercado, for example, explained how her housing helped her to, “get a license, go to school, get a job.”

One speaker, Robert Eaton, even shared a poem. In addition, Maryanne Fiorentino followed her testimonial with a short song.

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