Strategies for Registering Low Income Renters and Homeless Voters

Engage Candidates & Remind Them that Low Income Renters and Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Get Out and Vote!

The deadline to register to vote in the mid-term elections in New Jersey is Tuesday, October 16, 2018. And as you think about how to best encourage the low income and homeless voters that you work with to register to vote by October 16 and then get out to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Our Homes, Our Voices campaign has some strategies, tools and resources that can help you!

The six part Our Homes, Our Votes webinar series on non-partisan voter engagement concluded on August 21, and recordings and PowerPoint slides for each webinar are now available on the Our Homes, Our Votes website.

This is the video of the first in the series of webinars.

More than 100 advocates participated in each webinar and learned how they and their organizations can get involved in nonpartisan election efforts this fall and beyond.

Webinars featured experts from such organizations as the Alliance for Justice, the National Coalition for the Homeless, Housing California, National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), and others.

Presenters discussed legal considerations nonprofit organizations should consider, strategies for registering low income renters and homeless voters, how to locate low income voters as part of a larger voter mobilization strategy, and how to interact with both candidates and voters in a nonpartisan manner.

The Our Homes, Our Votes webinar series and website provide key information, strategies, plans, model templates, and tools for nonpartisan voter registration, education, and mobilization, as well as candidate engagement. The project’s ultimate goal is to ensure candidates for public office address issues of homelessness and affordable housing and commit to real solutions. Renters, especially low income renters, are underrepresented among voters.

To ensure low income housing interests are a priority for elected representatives, it is critical that organizations engage low income renters and other low income people in the voting process.

Monarch Housing joins the NLIHC in encouraging our partners to engage in the important civic engagement work of non-partisan voter engagement. Continued advocacy can work to build more affordable housing with our ballots.

Our Homes Our Votes Webinars

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