Our Rental Housing System is Broken, #RepRenters Lend Your Voice To Help Fix IT

Join the Make Room’s #RepRenters Campaign to Make Affordable Rental Homes a Priority

Make Room has launched the #RepRenters Campaign to highlight the broken Rental Housing system. Who will you #RepRenters for?

They say there is strength in numbers. Well, here is a number for you. 43 MILLION #RepRenters. That is the number of renters in the U.S. and growing. Half of all renters can’t afford their own homes.

Imagine if we stood together to say that the rental housing system in this country is broken. We didn’t create this crisis, but our voices can fix it.

It’s time to demand that our leaders Make Room. Are you ready to take a stand and join us? Here are FIVE things you can do during September which is National Month for Renters. While September may be drawing to a close, it is not too late to join the Make Room Campaign.

Imagine the change we could make if 43 million renters and their friends and family were united in asking our leaders to build more affordable homes in our neighborhoods. There are solutions that work. This September we will stand together to demand that affordable homes become a priority.

The Make Room Campaign works with the mission to expose the human suffering and societal costs of the rental housing crisis and to advocate for solutions to end housing insecurity for 11 million households nationwide. The goal of the campaign is to get renters on the agenda by 2020.

In recognition of National Month for Renters in September, Make Room, Inc. President and CEO, Ali Solis, issued the following statement:

“Imagine working, sometimes more than one job, and you still can’t afford to pay rent every month. This is the reality for 25 million Americans impacted by the housing-affordability crisis. Food, medical care and prescriptions often take a backseat to rent. This is a nightmarish reality in a country where dreams are supposed to come true. At Make Room, we work hard every day to elevate affordable housing on the national agenda and advocate for policy change to ensure all Americans have access to a safe, secure and affordable home during National Month for Renters and throughout the year.”

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