Tell NJ Legislators to Vote ‘YES’ on Emergency Assistance

Extend NJ Emergency Assistance Benefits for 5 Years for People Who are Caretakers, Permanently Disabled, Over Age 60 and Chronically Unemployable

Please join the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (the Network) in urging your representatives in the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly and urge them to vote YES in support of Governor Murphy’s conditional veto of the emergency assistance bill (S866).

Governor Murphy has proposed extending emergency assistance benefits for five years for people who are caretakers of disabled dependents, permanently disabled, over the age 60 or chronically unemployable. During this time, the governor has tasked the legislature with exploring a more permanent solution to help these individuals. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the governor’s suggested changes to the emergency assistance bill this Thursday.

Here’s How You Can Help:

  1. Click here to find your state senator and state assembly member
  2. Use the link provided to locate the representative’s main phone number.
  3. Call your legislators and say:

Hello, my name is __________ from _____________ and I am calling to urge Senator_________/Assembly Member___________ to vote in favor of the governor’s conditional veto of S866. We cannot delay extending emergency assistance for New Jersey’s most vulnerable.

Emergency Assistance (EA) assists New Jersey’s most vulnerable citizens who struggle to meet their basic needs.

EA helps with:

  • essential food, clothing, shelter and household furnishings;
  • temporary rental assistance or back rent or mortgage payments;
  • utility payments (such as heat, water, electric);
  • transportation to search for housing; and
  • moving expenses.

Persons eligible for emergency assistance include those who are:

  • homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless, and
  • those who have experienced a substantial loss of housing, food, clothing or household furnishings due to fire, flood or similar disaster.

Emergency Assistance is limited to 12 months. However, extensions may be granted under certain hardship conditions, with specific limitations.

Many New Jerseyans still face the lingering effect of the great recession which occurred over ten years ago and increased the need for emergency assistance.

The Network works with its members and others statewide to develop the resources and policies needed to ensure that the housing and community development sector continues to expand and thrive, providing families with opportunity and helping to revitalize communities.

As part of its education and advocacy mission, the Network works to uncover and analyze barriers to community development, educate members and the public about critical public policy issues, and develop positive policy alternatives.

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