Solutions for Individual Homeless Adults Conference

Join the Alliance for a Conference on Solutions for Individual Homeless Adults

The National Alliance to End Homelessness (the Alliance) has announced a Solutions for Individual Homeless Adults Conference. The conference will take place February 21-22 in San Diego, California.

This conference will convene stakeholders from across all sectors to examine what we know about people who are homeless without their families, and to discover new ways to help end their homelessness.

  • The largest group of people experiencing homelessness is individuals living on their own.
  • Yet, except for smaller subgroups such as veterans and people who are disabled, they are rarely prioritized and seldom receive housing assistance.
  • This inaugural event will explore emerging research, innovative strategies, and proven best practices to address homelessness among this key population.
  • In addition to elevating and articulating a clear strategy for this group, the conference will explore solutions for important sub-populations, including young adults, veterans, and those experiencing chronic homelessness.

Regardless of your role in your community – as an outreach worker, CoC lead, agency administrator, advocate, or even if you work outside of the homeless services sector – the Solutions for Individual Homeless Adults Conference encourages attendees to participate in a strategic effort to create a robust, community-wide, systemic response that can end homelessness for individual adults.

  • Homelessness among single adults, like homelessness among other populations, is a result of the lack of affordable, available housing.
  • Because of the cost of housing and inadequate incomes, even a temporary financial or life crisis, such as losing a job, the end of a relationship, death of a partner, or health emergency, can result in a loss of housing and homelessness.
  • That being said, the experience of homelessness for this population is most often brief and non-recurring.
  • Despite common stereotypes, most homeless single adults do not suffer from chronic mental illness, substance abuse, or other disabling conditions and most are homeless for a relatively short time before reconnecting to housing.
  • Affordable housing would end homelessness for the vast majority of single adults.
  • Absent an end to the affordable housing crisis in the U.S., a community-wide coordinated approach to helping single adults exit homelessness quickly is needed, including access to emergency shelter and crisis response services with low barriers (minimal requirements to access) and, when needed, access to proven permanent housing solutions such as rapid re-housing or permanent supportive housing.
  • Ending homelessness for single adults also requires the connections to employment and income, access to health care, and re-entry and recovery supports.

The Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to end homelessness in the United States. The Alliance uses research and data to find solutions to homelessness; it works with federal and local partners to create a solid base of policy and resources that support those solutions; and then we help communities implement them.

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