Homeless Persons’ Vigil in Union County to Take Place December 20th

The third annual Homeless Sabbath Weekend will take place in Union County from Friday, December 14 to Sunday, December 16, 2018 in your local house of worship. The Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Vigil in Union County will take place on Thursday, December 20 at 7:00 p.m. at a location to be determined.

The Homeless Sabbath Weekend offers the opportunity to pray for the homeless and discuss our call to effect change. Materials for your House of Worship are available.

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Last year eighty-five people attended the Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Vigil, which remembered the forty-three neighbors experiencing homelessness who passed away during 2017.

  • The annual Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Vigil which is open to the public, is held on the day with the least amount of daylight and the longest night.
  • This day has been chosen as a time to remember all homeless people who died on the cold streets or living in dangerous abandoned buildings during the past year due to their lack of shelter or care.

The annual Homeless Sabbath Weekend and Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Vigil remind us that “We are called to serve the poor, the homeless, the sick, the hungry.”

Last year’s Vigil in Union County was one of nine vigils that took place across the state.

At last year’s Vigil, Linda M. Flores-Tober, Executive Director, Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless reminded us “Dying homeless and anonymous can only be the loneliest way to die. Everyone deserves the dignity of being named and remembered. By doing this we make them present and redeem ourselves.”

“A homeless person feels invisible; they have not only lost their home, they have lost their place to ‘be’ in the world. To have lived and died unnoticed is heartbreaking and unacceptable. We must do better. At the Vigil, we will recognize those who have perished due to homelessness. Let us continue our vigilance in acknowledging and advocating for those who are currently living in a homeless situation.”

Is your congregation interested in participating in the Homeless Sabbath Weekend, contact Claire at 908-272-5363 x234 or via email. You can also follow the Sabbath and Vigil on social media at #HomelessSabbathNJ.

Homeless Sabbath Home Page

Homeless Sabbath Registration

Homeless Sabbath 2018 Flyer

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