Homelessness and Medicaid Use

Engaging with Key State Agencies, Health Care Partners and Planners & Ensuring Medicaid Data Does Not Become an Obstacle in Working to End Homelessness

On October 17, 2018, Janel Winter with the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs and Taiisa Kelly with Monarch Housing Associates presented a workshop on “Homelessness and Medicaid Use: The Impact of Housing and Services” at the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) fall conference.

Click here for the workshop presentation.

The workshop was attended by over 50 professionals working to end homelessness from across the country who were eager to learn about the New Jersey research and who engaged in an interactive Q & A period with the audience.

New Jersey experts presenting included:

Kate Kelly who works with Monarch Housing’s Public Policy Team moderated the panel discussion.

During their presentations and the Q & A session with the audience that followed, Taiisa and Janel touched on the key themes and messages of:

  • The importance of engaging with key state agencies, health care partners, and planners and begin the conversation at the local and county levels,
  • This work can be helpful with hospital cost savings,
  • Data is very important in helping continuums of care (CoCs) and agencies in thinking about the homeless system and other systems and creating a variety of services
  • The importance of not getting stuck in the data or waiting for more data; data should not become an obstacle in the work to end homelessness and program development can be addressed while waiting for final reports
  • What New Jersey is seeing in the problem of homelessness is not that different than what other states are seeing or across New Jersey county by county
  • It is o.k. to try something new; not everything works the way you expect it to the first time around

Homelessness and Medicaid Use

NHSDC Fll Conference

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