Five Tips on How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

Homeless Sabbath and Homeless Memorial Day Vigils Give Opportunity to Bring Homelessness Issue to Attention of Places of Worship

An October 20, 2018 article on the “Good News Network” gives “Five Tips on How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter.”

The second tip is “Bring the Homelessness Issue to the Attention of your Place of Worship.” The Homeless Sabbath Weekend in Union County which is set for December 14-16, 2018 provides an opportunity to do just that.

Rich Garon writes for the Good News, “Often government agencies and nonprofits don’t have the resources to address all aspects of homelessness. They need help and I’ve seen the meaningful contributions that faith-based groups can make.”

At last year’s Vigil, Linda M. Flores-Tober, Executive Director, Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless reminded us “Dying homeless and anonymous can only be the loneliest way to die. Everyone deserves the dignity of being named and remembered. By doing this we make them present and redeem ourselves.”

“A homeless person feels invisible; they have not only lost their home, they have lost their place to ‘be’ in the world. To have lived and died unnoticed is heartbreaking and unacceptable. We must do better. At the Vigil, we will recognize those who have perished due to homelessness. Let us continue our vigilance in acknowledging and advocating for those who are currently living in a homeless situation.”

Other tips for how you can help the homeless this winter include:

  1. Learn About Local Organizations Addressing Hunger
  2. Be Prepared to Speak with Homeless People
  3. Stay Abreast of What the Government is Doing to Help the Homeless
  4. Recognize that the Problem Won’t be Solved Overnight

Five Tips on How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

Union County Homeless Sabbath

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