Lame Duck Legislative Agenda Uncertain

Building Support for Affordable Housing and Community Development Programs Critical Heading into Lame Duck Session

After Tuesday’s midterm elections, Congress will return to Washington on November 13 to begin a lame duck session. This lame duck session brings with it, uncertain prospects for funding affordable housing and community development programs. Currently, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs will operate under a continuing resolution (CR) through December 7.

It remains to be seen whether Congress will agree on a full-year appropriations package during the lame duck period or choose to pass another CR to extend temporary funding for these agencies until there’s a new Congress. The outcome of the elections will heavily influence the tone of these funding negotiations, as well as potential tax legislation that may be considered before the end of the year.

Building support for affordable housing and community development programs heading into the lame duck session is critical to ensure these programs rise to the top of the list in any potential negotiations.

Enterprise and Monarch Housing encourages all stakeholders to urge their members of Congress to support the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (H.R. 1661/S. 548), bipartisan legislation to strengthen the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit.)

To date, five members of New Jersey’s House delegation have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 1661. Now is the time to thank:

And if your U.S. Representative has not signed on as a co-sponsor of H.R. 1661, please contact them today and ask them to sign on! You can use this link to contact your U.S. Representative.

According to the ACTION Campaign, over the time period of 1986 to 2016, the LIHTC has benefited New Jersey’s families and economy. During this time:

  • 56,175 homes were developed or preserved, and
  • 130,887 low-income households were provided affordable homes.

Visit the ACTION Campaign website for more information to advocate for the Housing Credit (including updated state fact sheets), and the NMTC Coalition website for resources to support NMTC.


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