400 Advocates Support Bipartisan Housing Task Force

Bipartisan Housing Task Force Would Facilitate Better Understanding of and Response to America’s Housing Affordability Crisis

More than 400 letters have been sent to Congress by Opportunity Starts at Home advocates in support of the “Task Force on the Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis Act” (S.3231) also known as the Bipartisan Housing Task Force.

The bill would create a bipartisan affordable housing task force to better understand and respond to America’s housing affordability crisis. The bill was introduced in July by Senators:

Additional support from Senators:

This bipartisan housing task force would:

  • Evaluate and quantify the impact that the lack of affordable housing has on other areas of life and life outcomes;
  • Evaluate and quantify the costs incurred by other federal, state, and local programs due to a lack of affordable housing; and
  • Make recommendations to Congress on how to use affordable housing to improve the effectiveness of other federal programs and improve life outcomes.

“For millions of Americans, a lack of affordable housing has negative, profound, and lasting consequences,” stated Senator Young. “Research shows that an inability to access safe and affordable homes jeopardizes educational performance and economic mobility, and leaves families with fewer dollars to spend on health care, groceries, and other important expenses – further ingraining families in the cycle of poverty.”

The establishment of a congressional task force to deeply study the country’s housing affordability challenges in a bipartisan way and to articulate robust solutions would be an important step in addressing the nation’s affordable housing crisis. The letters from Opportunity Starts at Home advocates represent the campaign’s first advocacy for a specific piece of legislation.

You Can help the campaign spread the word and urge your networks to send a letter urging the creation of this bipartisan affordable housing task force.

The Opportunity Starts at Home Campaign works with the vision that America’s low-income households have access to safe, decent, and stable affordable housing in neighborhoods where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive.”

The mission of the campaign is to build a national multi-sector movement which generates widespread support for federal policies that protect and expand affordable housing for low-income people.

Opportunity Starts at Home

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