Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday Donate to End Homelessness

Giving Tuesday Because Every New Jerseyan Should Have a Home of Their Own!

With your help on Giving Tuesday, Monarch Housing is working to end homelessness.

Monarch Housing’s Ending Homelessness Team works to end homelessness through sound planning, advocacy and partnerships and the creation of housing opportunities for all.

Did you know that NJCounts 2018 found 9,303 men, women and children experiencing homelessness on January 23, 2018?

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday Donate to End Homelessness

Giving Tuesday donations can and will help end homelessness in NJ.

The count of 9,303 homeless men, women and children across the state of New Jersey on the night of the Point-in-Time Count in 2018 was an overall increase of 771 persons, or 9%, compared to the 2017 count.

Other key findings included:

  • 1,288 persons, in 1,211 households, were identified as chronically homeless, an increase of 196 persons, or 17.9%, compared to the 2017 count.
  • 1,623 persons were counted as un-sheltered; an increase of 15% from the 1,415 persons counted in 2017.
  • Racial disparities are evident in the population experiencing homelessness with persons identifying as Black or African American making up 48.1% of the total population counted as homeless and 24% of the state population living in poverty, and only 12.7% of the general state population

Any number, in the thousands or even hundreds, of New Jerseyans experiencing homelessness is to many.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, NJCounts 2019 will provide an updated statewide snapshot of homeless households in our communities; where they find shelter, what their needs are, and what factors contribute to making them homeless.

Monarch Housing coordinates the annual Point-in-Time count which is conducted by homeless service providers, agencies and volunteers.

Respondents to the NJCounts survey share personal information about themselves and their households’ experiences in order to help our communities better understand and assist the homeless.

Your generosity tomorrow on Giving Tuesday will help expand the planning and advocacy work that uses the NJCounts data and is necessary to end homelessness and create housing opportunities for all.

#GivingTuesday is a global movement dedicated to advancing knowledge and increasing giving to causes closest to your heart.

To join us in this movement, make a contribution today or on Giving Tuesday, November 27th!

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