The Uncomfortable Truth: Health, Hunger & Mental Health

The Uncomfortable Truth: Structural Racism is a Primary Cause of Poverty in NJ and a Barrier to Implementing Solutions

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, join the Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey (APN) for an event, “Uncomfortable Truth: Health, Hunger &Mental Health Stakeholders’ Forum.”

The Forum will take place at Thomas Edison State University, 111 West State Street, Prudence Hall, Trenton, NJ 08608 In Trenton, NJ.

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The Uncomfortable Truth is an important research report that looks at the ways that structural racism perpetuates poverty in New Jersey.  The report also makes recommendations for how our state can move toward the end of structural racism.

The Forum provides an opportunity to continue to engage diverse stakeholders as we all move toward significant change in our state towards justice in health, hunger, and mental health.

Join APN to add your voice to the conversation.  And please feel free to spread the word and invite others to join us.  Coffee and lunch will be served.

The Uncomfortable Truth is groundbreaking, timely, and bold new research report that looks at the ways that structural racism perpetuates poverty in New Jersey.

The report makes recommendations for how New Jersey can move toward the end of structural racism. The report is the culmination of a multi-year collective process with policy experts and advocates from across New Jersey.

The Forum is part of a series of Forums hosted by APN to discuss the policy issues and recommendations contained in the report. The goal of these forums and discussions is to move toward the end of structural racism in our state.

Structural racism, compounded by the implicit and explicit racism that shapes New Jersey’s culture and institutions, is both a primary cause of poverty in New Jersey and a barrier to implementing solutions.

The racism and racially skewed policies that weave through the nation’s and New Jersey’s history require comprehensive responses, in addition to policy changes targeted to specific institutions.

Key changes on the state level can provide the impetus and tools to change entrenched patterns of racial and ethnic disparity.

APN shares this summary of policy recommendations:

  • Make addressing structural racism an explicit public priority
  • Require racial impact statements for all state legislation and rule-making with potential disparate impacts
  • Require data collection and dissemination by race/ethnicity and socio-economic status
  • Reinstitute the Public Advocate
  • Strengthen the Division of Civil Rights

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