New Jersey Community Asset Map Covers NJ’s 565 Municipalities

NJ Department of Community Affairs Allows Users to View Assets, Amenities and Special Designations

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has a New Jersey Community Asset Map on its website. At the April 3 Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA) meeting, Tom Stanuikynas, Local Planning Services with Department of Community Affairs, guided attendees through the New Jersey Community Asset Map.

The New Jersey Community Asset Map is an interactive mapping tool that allows users to view community assets, amenities and special designations in each of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities. Just two examples of community assets include hospitals and transit stations. The Map contains relevant economic, housing and demographic information for each of New Jersey’s Opportunity Zones.

The Map is designed to help users gain a better understanding of the characteristics and amenities within New Jersey communities and to identify appropriate kinds of investment and development to spur economic revitalization.

You can use the Map by turning different mapping layers on and off and moving around the map. You can also use a series of mapping tools. The map panel also contains information specific to the New Jersey Opportunity Zones program.

The Map has many useful metrics to overlay and understand a wide variety of assets, needs, and resources around the state. Tom encouraged attendees at the meeting to visit the Map on the DCA website. When you look at the website, if there is another mapping layer that comes to mind for you that may be useful, please contact Tom Stanuikynas and let him know. You be able to help get a new mapping later added to the New Jersey Community Asset Map.