72,500 New Jersey Families Benefit from Housing Choice Vouchers

But In NJ, 682,200 Low-Income Renters Still Paying Over Half Their Income for Housing

In New Jersey, 72,500 New Jersey Families benefit from Housing Choice Vouchers. Yet, in our state, 682,200 low-income renter sare still paying over half of their income in housing.

  • 24% of the 315,700 people receiving assistance are seniors.
  • 21% have a disability.
  • 55% are in a family that has at least one child.
Federal rental assistance is not keeping up with demand in New Jersey.   And 303,200 low-income households, made up of 682,200 low-income renters, still pay more than half their income for rent. The median New Jersey rent has increased by 16% since 2001, but median New Jersey household income of renters has decreased by 4%. 
Paying more than half of your income in rent often results in cutting back on being able to pay for food and healthcare. Rent burdened households often experience poor health, including: developmental delays, depression, asthma-related illnesses, and increased hospitalizations. 
Households receiving Housing Choice Vouchers, which CBPP’s Alicia Mazzare described as “The most effective tool for reducing homelessness and housing instability,” make up almost half of the total households receiving federal rental assistance.
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