Legalized Marijuana in NJ and Mental Health, Social Justice & Substance Use Recovery

NJPRA Hosts Conference Focused on Impact of Medical Use, Decriminalization, and Legalization in NJ

On May 23, 2019, New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NJPRA) hosts its second annual spring conference at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township.  The theme of this year’s conference is Up in Smoke?: Legalized Marijuana’s Impact on Mental Health, Social Justice, and Substance Use Recovery in New Jersey.  Click here to register for the conference.

Conference attendees will hear about issues and ideas related to the expansion for medical use, decriminalization, and legalization of marijuana.  Attendees will hear from several healthcare, policy, and rehabilitation experts and advocates. Speakers and workshop presenters include: 
These speakers offer a wide-range of expertise, promising an informative discussion on the impact of legalized marijuana on mental health, social justice, and recovery in the state of New Jersey. Just a few of the topics that will be discussed include “Cannabis Legalization and Civil Rights,” “Pharmacology and Cannabis,” and “Fair and Equitable Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey.”  
NJPRA serves the practice and practitioners of psychiatric rehabilitation services in the Garden State.  More information about NJPRA and the Up in Smoke spring conference can be found here
Click here for more information from NJPRA and to register for the May 23 conference.