Why Attend the Congressional Reception: SHA’s Diane Riley

Showing Elected Officials How Important Opportunity Starts at Home is to Constituents

On July 24, about 300 advocates from New Jersey will travel to Washington, D.C. for the annual Congressional Reception. In the weeks leading up to the event, we will feature impact speakers, representatives of partner organizations and attendees from previous years to speak about the importance of the Reception and show support for this year’s theme, Opportunity Starts at Home: Building a Necessary and Secure Foundation for Healthy Communities.

Diane Riley pictured second to the left at last year’s Congressional Reception

Diane Riley, executive director of The Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA), describes how the Reception is a great advocacy opportunity, “To go to Washington and bring busloads of people down, it really impresses our elected officials so that they can see how important these issues are to people.” 

In addition to being the executive directive of SHA, Riley brings many years of experience in leading, advocating for and providing services for the hungry and poor.

SHA is one of the 32 organizations sponsoring and helping to plan this year’s Congressional Reception. SHA is a nonprofit organization that promotes and maintains supportive housing in New Jersey while specifically helping people with special needs. It does this this by focusing on providing resources and services, strengthening member organizations, advocating for innovation and systems-change, and educating those impacted by homelessness, policy members and elected officials. 

To register for the Congressional Reception and for more information, please visit NJ Hill Day.