Why Attend the Congressional Reception: Mike Koprowski

NJ’s Minimum Wage Households Must Work Over 130 Hours Per Week to Afford Housing

The national director of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign, Mike Koprowski discusses the purpose of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign and why the Congressional Reception is essential to creating change. 

This year, the Congressional Reception is using Opportunity Starts at Home as a part of the event’s theme. The full theme for the 2019 Congressional Reception is Opportunity Starts at Home: Building a Necessary and Secure Foundation for Healthy Communities and has five key policy priorities. Mike encourages advocates and individuals to attend the Congressional Reception on July 24, since it has a significant impact on children, homelessness, the economy and America as a whole.

Mike speaking at last year’s Congressional Reception

Mike says, “If you are making minimum wage in New Jersey, it will take you 131 hours per week to afford a decent two-bedroom home and it will take you 107 hours per week to afford a decent one-bedroom home.” This data comes from the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC) 2018 Out of Reach report.

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign is organized at the national level by NLIHC. The Campaign is a long-term multi-sector campaign to meet the rental housing needs of the nation’s low-income people. Opportunity Starts at Home organizes various sectors that touch affordable housing and advocating for increased federal investments in homes American families can afford. 

Mike will be present on the 24th, and we need as many people in attendance as possible to show elected officials that Opportunity Starts at Home. To learn more about the Congressional Reception and to register, visit NJ Hill Day