Affordable Houisng is Critical to Assuring that Opportunity Starts at Home in NJ

Opportunity Starts at Home Speakers Remind Us that Housing Costs Remain Too High and Housing is a Right

At the July 24, 2019 Congressional Reception, a variety of speakers emphasized the importance of affordable housing programs in New Jersey. In addition to fourteen impact speakers, two speakers representing national organizations addressed attendees: Mike Koprowski of Opportunity Starts at Home and Portia Reddick White of the National Education Association.

Mike Koprowski

Mike Koprowski, National Director of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign, spoke at the Congressional Reception for the second year in a row. He praised attendees for traveling to Washington, D.C. He then asked the crowd how many hours per week would one have to work in New Jersey to afford a two-bedroom home while making minimum wage. While no one guessed a number high enough, he told the crowd that a minimum wage worker would have to work 133 hours/week to afford a two-bedroom home. To view Mike Koprowski’s speech that includes more shocking statistics, click here.

Portia Reddick White who works in Government Affairs at the National Education Association (NEA) and serves as an Opportunity Starts at Home steering committee member also addressed the crowd. She noted that children need stable and safe housing to excel in other parts of their lives. Throughout her speech, Reddick White reminded everyone that housing is a right. Reddick White applauded U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA-43), Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, for her proposal to fund housing and homeless assistance programs at the  push$13 billion level over the next five years. To view Portia Reddick White’s speech, click here.

Thank you to Koprowski and Reddick White for joining the over 300 New Jerseyans in DC on July 24.