Celebrating Passage of NJ’s License Expansion

NJPP Shares Why Legislation is Smart Move for the Garden State in the New Year

New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) celebrates the NJ legislation that passed to expand driver’s license access to all resident’s regardless of immigration status.

NJPP and other policy advocates across the state worked tirelessly advocating for the passage of this legislation. According to NJPP, the opportunity to expand access to drivers’ licenses is

“Necessary for growing strong economies and resilient communities.”

NJPP identifies six important reasons why this legislation was a smart economic move for the State of NJ. First, by making drivers licenses accessible to everyone it ensures that all drivers on the road are tested and thus, the roads will be safer for everyone. It also keeps communities safer and families together. Families that include undocumented immigrants will feel less threatened by law enforcement for minor traffic violations if they have an official NJ license.

NJPP identifies that not only will undocumented immigrants benefit from the passing of this legislation. It will also benefit low-income households that make under $25,000 a year, formerly incarcerated individuals, and survivors of domestic violence who can struggle to get the documents that are necessary to get a license. Finally, other benefits include promoting healthier communities since access to licenses are known to have an effect on accessing the healthcare system, stabilizing insurance premiums, and increased state revenue and economic boosts.

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