Eva’s Village Continues to Prioritize Needs of Homeless in the Community

Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Receive Care that Addresses Unique Challenges

Eva’s Village in Paterson Eva’s is continuing to provide care for its community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

On April 15, 2020, abc7NY reported “Coronavirus News: Homeless, addicted and battling COVID-19 – Eva’s Village in New Jersey.”

Dr. Murtuza Tameem, a hospitalist at St. Joseph’s Health also works at Eva’s Village providing medical care discusses the way that his work at the agency has changed.

“None of these patients have a home. They are homeless, they’re in a halfway house, in a homeless shelter; I can’t send them home and I can’t tell them to go anywhere,” said Dr. Tameem.

The population experiencing homelessness that Dr. Tameem treats at Eva’s Village often has underlying conditions that make them more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. These conditions include diabetes, blood pressure, hyperlipidemia. They also have substance use disorders, liver cirrhosis, hepatic failure, and renal failure.

Another complication is that treatment for substance abusers has changed as treatment clinics have needed to close in order to practice social distancing. Patients on medication to treat their substance use disorders have had to switch to oral medications.

“Despite the ongoing crisis, Dr. Tameem and the staff at Eva’s Village are encouraged by the resilience shown by their patients, who have battled through homelessness, addiction and mental illness.”

“We are only as strong as the community, the country, and the weakest among us and we are just a facilitator of that help,” said Dr. Tameem.

Eva’s Village works to break the cycle of poverty and addiction through our unique and integrated approach. Its interconnected community of recovery and support services helps thousands of men, women, and children each year by addressing basic needs of food and shelter, as well as complex issues around addiction, mental illness, and chronic homelessness.

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