Public Policy

Public policy, advocacy and lobbying to end homelessness and expand supportive housing in NJ.

Amazingly the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has decided to ban all “nonpartisan voter registration drives at federally financed nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and shelters for homeless veterans.” As citizens is not voting a right not an option? The New York Times published an op-ed today by Susan Bysiewicz, who is the secretary of state […]

Foreclosure Prone Loans Made Disproportionately to Minorities! A new report by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) shows that minority consumers, regardless of income level, are most at risk of receiving high-cost home mortgage loans. High-cost loans represent the riskiest and most poorly underwritten home mortgages, millions of which have fallen into foreclosure in the […]

Explains how homelessness impacts the entire family! Brenda Jenkins, one of the speakers at the July 30th 2nd Annual Congressional Reception, spoke with passion about her experience with homelessness. She reminded all who were present that this was something that no one should have to experience. She noted that on Friday August 1, 2008, she […]

Can dreamers end homelessness? You and I, we believe in a basic principle that no one should be homeless in America. You and I, we dream that one-day every citizen not only in New Jersey but also in every town and every city of this great country will have a place to call home. You […]