Congressional Reception

NJ Hill Day

Since 2007, Monarch Housing Associates has been proud to partner with organizations from across New Jersey in holding an annual Congressional Reception.  This annual event takes place in July on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  Click here to learn more about and register for the 2019 Congressional Reception. 

Each year, over 300 advocates and individuals impacted by homelessness and housing instability travel to D.C. to remind our elected officials in Washington about the critical importance of public policies and funding to end homelessness and create affordable homes.

The Reception offers an opportunity for individuals impacted to share their stories and for participants to discuss pressing policy issues with elected officials.  Advocates from across New Jersey demonstrate the impact of federal policy on everyday lives and press for the resources necessary to create meaningful housing opportunities for all.  Each year representatives from each Congressional District participate and elected officials representing New Jersey have the opportunity to discuss their stance on policy issues raised as well as discuss their plans moving forward.  

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