Monarch Housing Associates, Inc. is the publisher of this blog.

Our Vision: Every person will have quality affordable, permanent housing that fosters freedom, independence and community integration.

Our mission: To expand the supply, accessibility and variety of affordable, permanent supportive housing through development, planning, advocacy and partnerships.

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This page provides an overview of how to effectively use Monarch Housing’s Blog.

How to run a search?

On the top of the sidebar is a Google search engine. This will search this blog, the related Monarch Housing web site as well as the web.

How to look at a subject?

There are two ways to search from within the blog.

One is by using the categories that are sited in the sidebar. If you click on anyone of the names such as Project Homeless Connect it will take you to all of the posts on that subject.

Also, in the sidebar, there is a list of `tags’ which are subject codes. If you click on any of these labels, you will get all blog entries which are on this subject. The URL associated with any of these labels is a permalink. You can also click here to view the tag cloud. for example clicking on Continuum of Care will provide all posts with that tag.

How to view the photos?

The Monarch Blog is fully integrated with our online photo gallery. Eight hundred ninety four (894). In the sidebar you will find random photos, the most recent photos as well as the most viewed photos. Click here to view more information about the photos as well as links to all of the albums.

How to come back to the Monarch Blog:

You can put the URL of the blog into the bookmarks or favorites of your web browser and come back once in a while.

How to get an email containing all new material?

In the sidebar, we have an entry where you can type in your email address. Just submitting your email address there doesn’t do the trick. One email is sent to your email address and you have to confirm that it was indeed you that requested this service. Once this is done, you will get at most one email a day, containing all new material written in the previous day (if there is any). Click here for more options on how to subscribe.

How to read using an RSS feedreader?

The URL of the feed can be inserted into your RSS feedreader or you can click here to subscribe automatically. At the bottom of the sidebar is a link to various other feed readers. Click here for more options on how to subscribe.

What is this RSS feedreader business?

When you use an RSS feedreader, you might not need to ever need to visit the blog. When something new arrives, the “RSS feed” tells your RSS feedreader that something new has come up. You are then only shown the new material. It reduces the work that your mind has to do in parsing old material which have already seen before. Outlook 2007 has a built in RSS feedreader.

How to use comments?

One of the great things about blogging is the discussions that sometimes erupt in the comments. Once you post a comment you can subscribe to receive updates on any responses.

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